Reconnect To Yourself Bath Oil, 15 ML


We have created an aromatherapy bath oil for you to indulge yourself in a relaxing and calming scent with variations of your choice, being it that you choose a more romantic and feminine scent or a more down to earth scent, depending on your mood and needs.


We have combined the healing benefits of the essential oils in a gentle yet charming blend to soothe up your body, soul and mind.


Take a step back and take a deep breath in.


  • Get a warm bath ready with all of your personal rituals. Avoid adding any extra scents this time.

    Before you step in, pour in 20 drops of the Reconnect To Yourself Bath Oil to your water. Feel free to take an extra small cloth or cleansing disk and pour 4 more drops to it, close to the bath tub (any preferred area works as well) to enhance the scent.

    Try make sure you keep the door closed as much as possible for the scent to not evaporate. Avoid it from children, pregnant women as well as pets.

    Our ingredients are organic but nature does cause allergies to humans as well so please try test for allergies 24 hours in advance on a small area of your wrist to ensure you will have a healthy, calming evening.

  • almond oil, patchouli oil, lime oil, bergamot oil, ylang ylang oil, jasmine oil